Joysticks for medical devices

BRT31 Medical Joystick

Built-in wake-up switch 

Dual-axis operation at any angle in any direction.

Hall contactless detection

A variety of handles can be selected

Switching output optional


Mechanical switch, effective even when not powered; switch closes when joystick has movement and breaks when it returns to neutral position; mainly used for battery-powered wake-up CPU to reduce power consumption.

  • 2-axis (XY), 14-bit resolution.

  • Shake angle: ±20°   

  • Power supply: DC5V

  • working voltage: 3.2V-5.5V, can work stably at 3.3V or 5.0V

  • interface output: USB, CAN, RS232, RS422, SPI, PWM, analog voltage

  • Protection grade: IP67 above panel


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