ship engine control

Twin engine controller for Ship/Marine

Suitable for marine engine throttle control, can control 2 engines

Controlling throttle and gear

There are 11 mechanical gears (5 gears each front and rear)

Adjustable scale backlight

Complete isolation of left and right signal output and RS485 signal


Aluminum alloy shell, surface anodized, using nanometer friction positioning material, with good feel. 

  • Operation angle: 140° (±70°) 

  • Gear: 11 gears (forward 5 gears, backward 5 gears, middle 1 gear) Each gear has a scale feel 

  • Synchronous control: dual servo stepper motor and electromagnetic clutch mechanism with remote synchronous control 

  • Signal output: current 4-20mA+RS485 

  • Power supply: DC24V (DC10V/DC36V) 

  • Operating temperature: -40℃~+70℃ 

  • Protection: IP67 above the panel

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