USB data acquisition board (DAB)

USB acquisition board (8 axis simulator control board)

Simulator board, USB interface, no driver required, recognizable as joystick in PC, supports Microsoft OS, Linux OS. Suitable for simulator console, ground station, man-machine input panel interface, etc.


Analog inputs (joystick): 8-axis, 10-bit precision, (0-5V signal input).

IO inputs (buttons): 20 external buttons
Programmable IO (indicator outputs): 4 outputs (for LED indicators)
Communication interface: USB2.0, RS232, RX422 or RS485
USB driver: USB HID protocol, no driver, only support "joystick, mouse, keyboard" and combination mode
Dimension: (W)100X(L)70X(H)12
Positioning hole size: (W)90X(L)60, through hole Ø3.0mmX4pcs

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